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Benefits Of Planning Your Socials In Advance!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Small Business Owners - Want to win back more time?

Trick question right? Every small business owner would love some more time in their day to either work on or in their business.

Planning your content in advance is a sure way to save you some time. I know words like 'batch create' can turn some people into a tizzy, but it really is not as scary as it sounds.

If you can take the time to batch create all your content for Instagram and/or Facebook for the next week, fortnight, whatever you prefer. Then you won't find yourself going to bed thinking 'Ah I forgot to post'.... and before you know it, two weeks have passed and your audience is wondering where the hell have you gone?!

Posting on the run is a sure way to spend more time on your phone than you plan to, and it actually takes you more time if you are individually trying to think on the fly, research content, create copy, find the photo that best aligns, oh and make sure you are adding value and/or entertainment.. ahh the stress! It does not need to be like that!

If I haven't sold you yet, here are some further benefits to planning your socials in advance;

- Consistency is key!

Planning your posts ahead of time means you have enough content to be consistent on your platform. Your audience wants to see, hear and be entertained by you, they don't want to feel let down or like you have ghosted them.

- Follow your strategy!

You can follow your strategy and ensure you are posting content that your audience will gain value from and find entertaining. No more random posts just for the sake of popping something on the grid - those days are long gone!

I hope I have been able to show you some great benefits here so that you can show up on the platforms you need to, without causing extra stress in your business life.

If you have any questions head to my IG @happylittlesocials and send me a DM.

x Tameka

Happy Little Socials The Ray Of Sunshine In The Social Media & Copywriting World.

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