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What If They Aren't Reliable?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Business owners, are you ready to bring someone on board to help you with the day-to-day or a specific part of your business?

It's a big step to take, as you have most likely been running the show solo since the beginning.

Whether hiring an employee or outsourcing to a subcontractor, the big question of 'will they be reliable?' can come to mind.

Let's look at this further and find some traits you can look for in finding a reliable person to invite into your business.

Most things are teachable within a business; having suitable systems and processes in place means you should be able to bring someone on board and teach them how to complete the tasks. It's more than that; being passionate about a role, a business, or an opportunity is something you cannot mould. This includes reliability.

Will they show up, complete tasks, and give their 100%? Can I trust them? - are they reliable? All the questions to ponder.

Reliability builds trustworthiness, so what traits can you look for when seeking your new team member?

Learners -

Asking questions and showing interest is a sign that they want to be involved in the project or role.

Asking about professional or personal development they have undertaken to make them a more appealing candidate is a great way to gain insight into their commitment to learning.

Transparency -

As a subcontractor, I am always fully transparent. If there is something I haven't done, a platform I have not used or a question I need more time to find the correct answer to, then I tell the truth and let the potential client know. As they say, 'give up all the facts, even if it hurts.'

Truth and transparency matter to trustworthy people. If they are open and honest, it's a sure way to see if they will be reliable and trustworthy.

Gratitude, Compassion, Respect -

To openly show gratitude, compassion and respect is a quality that is likely to suggest a reliable and trustworthy person. To show gratitude to other team members and value others' contributions is an excellent quality.

Hopefully, shining a light on some of these traits will help you when onboarding someone to your team, whether they are an employee or a subcontractor.

Including this list above it's worthwhile asking yourself;

What other qualities do you value in your business?

I invite you to send me a DM @happylittlesocials to chat further!

x Tameka

Happy Little Socials The Ray Of Sunshine In The Social Media & Copywriting World.

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