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5 Social Media Tips You Can Implement Now!

Do you want some hot tips that you can easily implement to make a difference in your business?

Of course, you do! - Read on 🔥🔥🔥.

Sometimes it's the simplest things you can push to the side; it may be because you feel there isn't enough time in the day, that social media can wait, or you have higher priorities.

Look, I get it; being a business owner means you have a million and one things to do daily.

I am here to remind you these small actions shouldn't be overlooked and can help your brand grow and reach your ideal audience. Now that's worth prioritising.

I will now share some tips you can implement immediately; maybe you have never heard them before, or perhaps you have.

Either way, take this as your sign to start acting on these tips to help your business.

Top 5 Instagram Tips To Help Your Business

Reach out to new accounts and add value

Don't be scared! IG is for building a community; you can't make a community without reaching out to others.

No creepy Dm's, just authentic commenting on posts and people that either is your ideal audience or are where your ideal audience would hang out.

Nurture Your Current Followers

If you had a party with 300 people, would you ignore them and stand out on the street to see if you could grab one more person to come in?

No, you wouldn't.

Your current followers are invested in you, your brand, your vision, and your values; how fab is that!

We want to nurture these people and show gratitude that they decided to choose you out of ALL the people they could follow on this platform.

So what does nurturing your audience look like?

Replying to their stories

Commenting on their posts

If they comment on your content, for the love-of-gawd, respond!

Nurturing your current followers is like being a host who comes up to you and thanks you for coming to the party. We all like hosts like that!

Ask People To Tag You

When customers/clients are buying your service or product, ask them to share it on their socials, the worst that can happen is that they don't do it.

For every person that does, share this UGC; it's fantastic for you, and also, people love to be featured, so it's special for them as well.

Create & Post Consistently

You have heard this one before, but I had to include it.

Create and be consistent, and I will put my copywriter hat on here and say not just for your socials but also for your email newsletters and blog posts.

If you can create one blog a month and two posts a week, that is totally fine; just ensure you consistently do it!

Jump On Stories Regularly

I love stories; you don't need to plan them; they are quick to do and easy to consume for your audience.

Stories let people see behind the brand, the business owner and the daily running of the business. People are sticky noses; we love to see what's happening and get a feel for people.

Especially if you are a personal brand business, you must show up on stories so your audience can get to know and trust you.

In Summary

I know this might be a lot to digest for some of you, but these things will help you grow and encourage the right audience to stick around.

I enjoy sharing these tips with you, and I really hope you have gained some value from this post.

If you have any questions, send me a DM, you can find me at @happylittlesocials or head to my home page and subscribe to my monthly newsletter, where I share more tips and tricks, and you get to hear more about me and what is happening with Happy Little Socials.

x Tameka Founder, Happy Little Socials Turning Your Copy & Socials From Drab To Totally Fab!

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