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2023, The no-BS vibe ✨


In my opinion, 2023 is already throwing out the no-bullshit energy.

There is no cookie-cutter template or copying the person next to you vibe.

✨We are embracing authenticity and individuality and aren't apologising for it.✨

If a perfectly curated grid with stock photos and screenshots from Pinterest has been your vibe, it's time to return to the drawing board.

Not only is this not creative, but your audience won't stand for it.

You need to cut through to be seen in a space where you can scroll through hundreds of posts and have email notifications 24/7.

The way to do that is by showing up authentically.

If you are a business owner, think about this;

👉🏼How can you share yourself, the business owner?

👉🏼How can you bare your soul?

👉🏼How can you invite people into your world?

👉🏼How can you share your wins, losses, dreams, and inspirations?

This is what your audience wants to see, they want to feel, they want to connect.

When creating content, clearly define who you are talking to; you want to magnetise them 🧲.

Imagine they are reading your blog, social media post or email, and they are nodding their heads, thinking, 'this is me' or 'this is how I feel', or 'this is what I want, need, desire.'

If you can nail that, then your audience will take notice of you.

Share your thoughts on this by sending me a DM.

If you want to get in my world, I have a few ways to do that.

I invite you to book a 20 min call to share where you are at in your business if we are a vibe and how I can help you.

Speak soon!

x Tameka

Founder, Happy Little Socials

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