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✔️Social Media Management

✔️Magnetising Copy

✔️Business Mentorship

✨Always Referring To The Stars

3 x blogs for $499 1 x landing page copy, 3 x EDM copy, 3 x 30mins chats $997 (Instagram S

You nailed the brief!'

- Anne, Virtual Hustlr

Let Us Help You With


Social Media Management

Let's cut to the chase, business owners we know you want to feel supported when it comes to your Social Media presence.

HLS provides a no-BS approach to deliver outstanding and effective social media management.

From minor management to the whole sha-bang, we are fully customisable, and ready to go!


The part of Social Media fellow business owners dread BUT need to incorporate into their customer service. 

While this is an add-on to our Social Media Management packages, we can provide this as a stand-alone service depending on our capacity. 

3-month minimum, get ready for those impressions to go through the roof.


Every word you read, from the email you opened this morning to the IG caption that grabbed your attention and *hello* even here on this web page.

Copy is words; you should use words to generate feelings, build trust, inspire action and leave a lasting effect. 

HLS Copywriting service is one to add to your monthly investment to ensure your words are landing with your audience and making an impact.

1:1 Amplify Mentorship

1:1 Voxer Business Mentorship


Receive 1:1 support to get down to the nitty gritty of your brand messaging and marketing direction.

Practical and actionable advice, that will leave you feeling confident, clear and ready to make moves to amplify your brand.


Let's AMPLIFY your online presence! ✨

✔️Social Media Management

✔️Magnetising Copy

✔️Business Mentorship

✨Always Referring To The Stars

If you are a business owner who feels a little lost when it comes to your messaging and brand voice, your online presence is probably a bit of a muddle.


A muddled presence doesn’t lead to magnetising your clients, and around here, we are ALL about drawing in those aligned clients.


So let’s give you some clarity and confidence; from a completely ‘done for you’ online presence to a detailed brand voice guide, to 1:1 online business mentoring, there is something to help you no matter what stage of business you are at.


Drop us a note via the contact form or head to our socials if you want to know more!

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Meet HLS Founder

Tameka - Founder Happy Little Socials

Tameka's superpower is diving deep into a brand, and she can design, embody and deliver a brand voice like no other.


Her social media management portfolio is full of genuine, soul-led women in business who trust her entirely to take care of their online presence.


Now opening availability to mentor women in business who need more clarity and confidence in taking their brand to the next level, she is only just getting started.



What People Are Saying

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She absolutely nails the copy and content for my posts. It’s like she reads my mind with the copy she creates. With a very busy wedding and event season I haven’t had time to focus on social media, so I’ve outsourced it to Tameka. It’s a really important marketing strategy to keep constant on Instagram and I just couldn’t do it without her help.

Emma - Events By Emma Currie

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